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Easter in Japan and How to Celebrate Yours with a Japanese Twist

To many living in the western world, Easter can be one of the more important holidays of the year. With the majority of the country practicing Shintoism and Buddhism, and a minority being Christian, Easter isn’t celebrated with as much fanfare in Japan as it is elsewhere. However, as Japan becomes more welcome of western festivals and holidays, many are eager to join in on the Easter fun! Here’s how Japan celebrates Easter, and some ways you can add a little Japanese twist to your own Easter celebrations.

Easter Decorations Abound

Something many people look forward to every holiday season are the beautiful decorations that can be found at malls and shops, and Japan certainly pulls out all the stops when it comes to decorating.

Painted eggs and cute bunnies in bright spring colors give shops and parks a cheery atmosphere. A place that always has the most elaborate decorations is none other than the Tokyo Disneyland parks, where Easter motifs can be seen upon arrival at closest train station. Because Easter coincides with spring in Japan and sometimes the cherry blossom season, there’s beauty to be seen everywhere.

Fun Times and Chocolate Galore

With the exception of services at churches, Easter is a secular day to the general public. Adults don’t tend to celebrate it in any particular way, though Easter is great opportunity for children to have fun and eat some chocolate and snacks!

At department stores and supermarkets in neighborhoods with an expat presence, imported chocolate in the shape of bunnies or Cadbury eggs can be found front and center this season. Goodie bags filled with chocolate and other treats may be passed out at kindergartens, and some families might hold Easter day parties as a way for kids and adults to gather, eat some food, and have fun.

Ways to Celebrate Easter with a Japanese Twist

Now that you know Japan’s take on this western holiday, why not make this year’s celebration special by giving it a little Japanese influence? Here are some fun ideas to make your Easter celebration international.

1. Make Tamagoyaki

In addition to boiled eggs, try some tamagoyaki or Japanese egg omelet. They’re simple enough to make at home, and because they’re slightly sweet, they’re a favorite among Japanese children.

2. Prepare goodie Bags with Japanese Snacks

In Japan, Easter is an opportunity to try chocolate from other parts of the world, and you can do that too by trying some Japanese chocolate and snacks. Chocolate with cute characters is always a hit among kids, and for a really special treat, you can even include special Popin’ Cookin’ kits where children can make ramen and hamburgers out of candy!

3. Make Green Tea Dessert

If you’re a fan of baking, try your hand at making cakes and puddings with Japanese matcha, or powdered green tea. Adding a few teaspoons will make the batter bright green and taste of delicious tea. Alternatively, you could make bright green chocolate eggs out of matcha too, just melt down some white chocolate and mix in some of the powder for a sweet treat even the kids will love.

While Japan celebrates Easter largely without its religious element, it is still a great way to teach the young ones and those who might not have known about someone else’s culture in an enjoyable way. We hope that we’ve given some fun ideas you too can incorporate into your own Easter holiday!