Can I make a reservation?

Unfortunately, we do not accept reservations.   We offer first-come, first-serve.

Do you do carry-outs?  

We do for lunch services.  We are dine-in only during dinner hours.  We want you to eat ramen noodles al dente and broth steaming hot.   For that reason, we recommend dine-in.  

Do you have a vegetarian menu?

Yes we do.  We have a few vegetarian items.  

Do you have a gluten free option?

Yes we do.   Please ask our servers a few options.

Do you deliver?

Unfortunately we do not.

What kind of drinks do you serve?

We serve a selection of cold drinks.  For hot tea, we serve our special roasted barley tea,  Our alcoholic selection include sake, ramen-paired wine, and Japanese beer.

What does Torino mean?

Torino comes from a festival in Japan called Torino-Ichi.   It is the Japanese festival (matsuri) that takes place every year on the day of the rooster (Tori) in November.  Not only our special broth is chicken (tori) based, we started our business in the year of the rooster 2017!.   We take our pride in what we make - the food that we grew up eating in Japan.   Torino-ichi festival also reminds us of that.